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October 2017: Announcing New Journals on Hospitality & Tourism

Call for Editors, Contributors, and Papers

Apple Academic Press, Inc. is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of several new journals in the hospitality & tourism field. The journals will be under the editorial leadership of Mahmood A. Khan, PhD, Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA. AAP is seeking journal editors and contributors for the following new journals.
  • Journal of Medical Tourism
  • Journal of Meetings & Event Technology
  • Journal of Hospitality Revenue Management
  • Journal of Winery Management
  • Journal of Adventure Tourism
  • Journal of Hospitality Services Management
  • Journal of Hospitality Franchising
The first issues of each are targeted for publication in 2019.

The journals will be peer-reviewed and will be published biannually, with two issues per year. The journals aim to cover the major trends and developments in the specific sector of the hospitality industry. Each issue will include articles on new trends, research studies, case studies, literature reviews, critical reviews of major issues, etc.

The journals will aim to help practitioners and researchers stay current with the newest trends and developments and will offer a platform for the exchange of ideas.

Article authors will receive free pdfs of their article. In addition, the publisher will offer a liberal copyright policy, allowing authors to share their articles with colleagues and place on various archival websites.

Below are lists of possible topics for these journals. Other topics welcome as well.

Journal of Medical Tourism:
  • why patients/tourists decide to travel for medical care
  • the role of professional facilitators of medical tourism
  • key countries and medical disciplines in medical tourism
  • transportation, food, entertainment, and hotel/hospitality services
  • hotel and spa designs for medical tourism
  • best practices in medical tourism
  • patient follow-up after medical discharge
  • future trends in medical tourism
  • careers in medical tourism
Journal of Meetings & Event Technology:
  • up-to-date reviews of the latest digital trends in hospitality management and marketing
  • novel methods to use technology for events, including festivals, conferences, workshops, concerts, meetings, and more
  • examples and applications of meeting technology platforms and software
  • case studies illustrating the application of meeting technology
  • effective marketing techniques for meetings and events, including search engine optimization techniques
  • meeting registration methods through technology
Journal of Hospitality Revenue Management:
  • ways to increase profitability
  • exploring different booking mechanisms
  • effectively collecting, managing, and using data
  • cost per acquisition studies
  • trends mobile marketing
  • online education courses in hospitality revenue management
  • pricing and forecasting
Journal of Winery Management:
  • marketing for wineries as tourism entities
  • managerial issues in winery tasting room management
  • winery revenue management
  • winery service quality management
  • financial management of winery management
  • regional winery studies
  • festivals and other events marketing at wineries
Journal of Adventure Tourism:
  • research and studies on different types of adventure tourism, such as safaris, accessible tourism for the mobility-challenged, thrill tourism, etc.
  • economic benefits of adventure tourism
  • ecotourism: benefits, problems, and challenges
  • the effect of adventure tourism on local communities
  • health benefits of adventure travel
  • marketing foradventure tourism destinations and services
  • seasonal fluctuations
Journal of Hospitality Services Management:
  • catering to different demographics
  • technology in hospitality services management
  • expectations and experiences of international travelers
  • increased emphasis on health and well-being in hotels and other venues
  • sustainability practices
  • new roles for staff
  • destination promotion
  • real-time damage control
  • effective use of perks
Journal of Hospitality Franchising:
  • employee and human resource issues in hospitality franchising
  • current issues in franchising law
  • international franchising trends and issues
  • economic and financial issues in hospitality franchising
  • brand continuity
  • marketing and advertising trends and techniques
The journals will be available online only through a variety of platforms. More information to come.

For information on submitting articles, see the instructions here:

Please contact AAP’s senior editor for additional information or to discuss possible topics and deadlines.

Senior Editor, Hospitality & Tourism: Mahmood A. Khan, PhD
Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management,
Pamplin College of Business,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
Falls Church, Virginia

Strategic Winery Tourism and Management Wins Gourmand Award

Apple Academic Press is delighted to announce that the Gourmand Awards jury has announced Strategic Winery Tourism and Management is the national book winner in its category: Best Wine Book Professionals. “This academic book structures clearly the concepts and practice of wine tourism, studying all aspects in a very broad overview. It is useful for planning and action,” says Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

The book will now compete in its category against winners from other countries for the Best in the World. The results will be announced on May 27 & 28, 2017 at the annual Gourmand Awards Ceremony.

AAP congratulates Kyuho Lee, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Business Administration, School of Business and Economics, Sonoma State University, California, on this honor. The book was published in the Advances in Hospitality and Tourism book series, edited by Mahmood A. Khan, Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Falls Church, Virginia.

More information on the book is available here:

Nanochemistry and Technology in Science and Engineering

Anthony Michael Granville, PhD
TDK Research Solutions
116 / 207 Barker Street,
Randwick , NSW Australia
Tel: +61 (4) 3215 6345

Apple Academic Press is pleased to announce that Dr. Anthony Granville will be editing a new 5-volume book series on Nanochemistry and Technology in Science and Engineering. Dr. Granville invites contributions.

Each volume will begin with a brief discussion of the fundamentals of nanochemistry and technology as related to the subject matter for the specific volume. This will then tie directly into the research submissions for each of the subject volumes:
• biomedical science and engineering
• optoelectronics and sensor applications
• inorganic compounds and hybrid materials
• graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, and nanodiamonds
• surface modifications and interactions

These volumes will also suggest areas for future research avenues and directions in each field, bringing together the fundamentals of science and the applications of engineering to the field. The book series hopes to both elucidate the area of nanochemistry and technology as well as consolidate the research into focus areas, being of interest to educators and researchers alike. This series will aim to amalgamate chemistry and engineering together to give an equal importance to the science and the applications of the technology and how the two are interlinked—form and function dictating each other. Furthermore, by highlighting recent research into each of the delegated areas, the series can showcase researchers and their work, as well as be a springboard into subseries for each area if the interest level is significant.

For more information:
Click here

New Book Series: Advanced Medicinal Chemistry

This book series is planned to have nine volumes on high-level research and information on medicinal chemistry. The books will have interdisciplinary appeal and will be of value in the fields of pharmacology, biopharmaceuticals, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, and other fields.

Planned and Proposed Books in the Series:
• Principles of Drug Discovery
• Principles and Applications of Medicinal Chemistry
• Drugs Acting on the Central Nervous System
• Drugs Acting on the Cardiovascular System
• Autocoids and Drugs Acting on the Respiratory System
• Drugs Acting on the Endocrine System
• Chemotherapeutic Agents
• Parasitology
• Miscellaneous Agents

Books in this series are intended to be high-level reference books, designed for industry professionals, academics, and researchers as well as for postgraduate and doctoral students in the interdisciplinary field of advanced medicinal chemistry. The editors of the individual volumes have extensive experience in their fields.
For information on how to contribute, please contact:
Series Editor: Dr. Sanjay K. Bharti
Assistant Series Editor: Debarshi Kar Mahapatra

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