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Chinese Outbound Tourism 2.0
Editor: Xiang (Robert) Li, PhD

Chinese Outbound Tourism 2.0

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Pub Date: January 2016
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Hard ISBN: 9781771881807
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Series: Advances in Hospitality and Tourism
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“Offer[s] a panoramic view of the second wave of China’s outbound tourism. . . . An excellent selection of articles written by brilliant researchers and practitioners. The advent of ‘Chinese outbound tourism 2.0’ as the core argument is scrutinized on a global scale. Also, articles from both micro- and macro-levels offer various perspectives to view the changing patterns in tourism.”
—Tourism Analysis,
review by Jia Xie, University of Glasgow

“This book is a very welcome introduction to Chinese outbound tourism. . . . The book is highly descriptive, huge on facts (with only one theoretical chapter) and is an essential source of information for anyone trying to understand the growing role (and enormous potential) of Chinese outbound tourism. Much information is anticipated in Li’s valuable Introduction, which succinctly situates what is, effectively, the second wave of young, better educated, diverse and more independent Chinese tourists in the context of the growing Chinese economy (hence the 2.0 in the title). . . . This book is a valuable introduction to the beginnings of what is already proving to be a massive and hugely exciting population movement, the social implications of which we have not yet really begun to address.”
—David Harrison in Annals of Tourism Research

“Over the past 15 years or so, China has also emerged as a strong travel market not only as a receiving destination but also as a tourist generating country in the world. The outbound growth of the tourism market in China will continue to further contribute to the world economy over the next decade. There is a plethora of studies scattered in different publication outlets that focus on this important world travel market. However, this book is the most comprehensive one to date that is crafted to exclusively examine the Chinese outbound tourist market with its potential, challenges, and trends and provide extensive information and insights on understanding travelers from Mainland China. The book, edited by one of the most highly accomplished researchers of the field and an expert on the Chinese tourism market, Prof. Robert Li, consists of twenty-three chapters that touch on current tourism development, regional variations and characteristics, specific case examples and perspectives, and future directions and research areas. It is an excellent source for anyone who has some interest in the tourism industry and would like know more on the importance of the fast growing Chinese outbound tourist market. It is an excellent addition to the scholarly tourism literature.”
—Muzaffer Uysal, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Virginia Tech

“Prof. Li should be congratulated on this exceptional piece of work! The book is a comprehensive collection of readings written by authorities of Chinese outbound tourism. The chapters are full of useful statistics and findings based on rigorous research methodology. A review of the astonishing development and interesting consumer behaviors of this often misunderstood market is timely and contributes to the understanding of this extremely important market globally. This is a must read not only for tourism academics but also for destination managers who would like to attract Chinese travelers. Insights from this book can help practitioners to better prepare for this high yield market.”

—​Cathy Hsu, PhD, Chair Professor, School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Any future historian looking back at when China began to dominate travel and tourism at home and abroad may well pinpoint 2014–15 as a turning point. China will become increasingly central to our sector’s growth over the next decade, but our sector will also become increasingly crucial to the world’s fastest-growing economy. No other sector besides travel and tourism can offer such a mutual advantage. It’s an interesting and reassuring thought—and for that, we applaud Dr. Xiang (Robert) Li and his colleagues’ insightful discussion on the latest development and trends of Chinese outbound tourism.”
—From the Foreword by David Scowsill, President & CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council

Booming Mainland Chinese outbound travel is one of the most exciting phenomena in the world tourism industry’s recent history. Between 1994 and 2013, the number of outbound trips by Mainland Chinese citizens rose 16 fold from 6.1 million to 98.2 million. China is not only the world’s fastest growing source market, but now the largest source market in terms of both visitation amount and travel spending. Today’s Chinese tourists are more confident, technologically savvy, value conscious, and ready to explore unfamiliar territory. For tourism marketers and researchers who are getting ready to or just celebrated their initial “west-meets-east” moments, a new wave of Chinese tourists are showing up at their door and presenting new challenges for marketing and the provision of service. In this book, leading authors from around the world share their most cutting-edge findings and thoughts on the Chinese outbound travel market and these tourists. The book reflects on the paths of Chinese outbound travel development, reports new trends and issues, and provides new insights and recommendations.

For practitioners around the world, such as destination policymakers and marketers, travel and tourism service providers, owners, and managers, this book will provide hands-on guidance on understanding tourists from Mainland China. For tourism scholars, educators, and students, this book provides basic yet essential knowledge on Chinese outbound travel market and tourist behavior and points out important future directions. This book would also be excellent supplemental reading for students in international tourism classes.

Foreword by David Scowsill (President & CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council, London, United Kingdom)
1. China’s Outbound Tourism: History, Current Development and Outlook
Wolfgang Georg Arlt
2. Evolution of China’s Policy of Outbound Tourism
Guangrui Zhang
3. Review of Chinese Outbound Tourism Research: Status Quo and Future Directions
Ying Wang and Xin Jin

4. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Hong Kong: Recent Progress
Tony S. M. Tse
5. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Macao: Recent Progress
Xiangping Li
6. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Taiwan: Recent Progress
Li Shen, Chia-Kuen Cheng, Yann-Jou Lin, and Hsi-Lin Liu
7. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Asia: Recent Progress
Hanqin Qiu and Lei Fang
8. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Australia: Recent Progress
Iris Mao and Songshan (Sam) Huang
9. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to Europe: Recent Progress
Berenice Pendzialek
10. Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourism to the United States: Recent Progress
Hongbo Liu, Xiang (Robert) Li, and Scott Johnson

11. Service Expectations of Chinese Outbound Tourists
Kevin Kam Fung So, Wei Liu, Ying Wang, and Beverley Sparks
12. Chinese Tourists’ On-Site Experience in Florence: Applying the Orchestrate Model
Philip L. Pearce and Mao-Ying Wu
13. Chinese Gambling Preferences and the Emergence of Casino Tourism
Ipkin Anthony Wong
14. Chinese Outbound Tourists’ Shopping Behavior
Fang Meng and Pei Zhang
15. Chinese Outbound Tourists’ Luxury Consumption
Wan Yang
16. Application of Social Media Among Chinese Outbound Tourists: Platforms and Behaviors
Han Shen and Xing Liu
17. Your Stories Online, the Heuristics of My Next Journey
Xin Yang, Dan Wang, and Brian King
18. The Road Less Travelled: Regional Dispersal of Chinese Tourists in Australia
Byron W. Keating and Marg Deery
19. An Empirical Study on Travel Intention to Japan: A Case Study of Mainland Chinese Citizens after the Diaoyu Island Political Crisis
Yingzhi Guo and Yun Chen
20. Chinese Outbound Student-Tourists: Developing a Taste for Independent Travel
Brian King and Sarah Gardiner

21. New Perspective for Research Methodology in the Era of China Outbound Tourism 2.0: A Practitioner’s Observation
Stanley Chan
22. Chinese Outbound Tourism: A Critical Inquiry
Rich Harrill, Xiang (Robert) Li, and Honggen Xiao
23. Market Trends and Forecast of Chinese Outbound Tourism
Li Jason Chen, Gang Li, Lingyun Zhang, and Ruijuan Hu

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Xiang (Robert) Li, PhD
Professor and Washburn Senior Research Fellow, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Xiang (Robert) Li is Professor and Washburn Senior Research Fellow at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was formerly a Professor at the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management at the University of South Carolina, and Associate Director of USC’s Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Travel & Tourism Industry Center and International Tourism Research Institute. Dr. Li’s research mainly focuses on destination marketing and tourist behavior, with special emphasis on international destination branding, customer loyalty, and tourism in Asia. He has authored over 100 scientific publications and is serving on the boards of over ten journals and book series. He is currently guest-editing a special series on “Emerging-Market Tourist Behavior” for the Journal of Travel Research. He also guest co-edited a special issue for the Journal of Business Research and one for the Journal of China Tourism Research. Dr. Li’s academic work has been recognized by a number of awards, including the 2013 “Emerging Scholars of Distinction” Award by the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and the first ever “Best Emerging Scholar in Tourism (B.E.S.T.)” Award by the International Tourism Studies Association.

Dr. Li has conducted extensive tourism research in various areas and has been awarded over $1.25 million research funding. His clients include the United State Department of Commerce/Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI), China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), the United States Travel Association (UST, formerly TIA), and National Tour Association (NTA), as well as numerous destination marketing organizations and companies. His research on China and Japan outbound tourism and destination marketing has been cited by numerous of American and international media, such as USA Today, Time, Las Vegas Sun Times, The Globe and Mail (Canada), and China Daily. During 2012–13, Dr. Li served on the Global Insights Advisory Council for Brand USA. He holds/held adjunct or visiting faculty appointment in universities in Australia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. He is also a frequent speaker at numerous international and industry conferences.

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