Waste Management

Waste Management and Valorization
Alternative Technologies

Waste Management and Valorization

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Pub Date: February 2016
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This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Until the 1990s, the main objective when managing the world's waste was how to dispose of it or store it. Today, however, socioeconomic concerns, the depletion of fossil fuels and other raw materials, and the looming crisis of climate change have brought about a change in how the world thinks about its waste. The term “waste valorization” refers to any process that aims to convert waste materials into more useful products by reusing or recycling them, or converting them into an energy resource. Many market sectors (including transportation, heat and power generation, industrial manufacturing, and construction) are focusing on new technologies to transform low-quality, no-cost materials into high-value products.

The editor of this compendium volume is a leading researcher in the field. She has collected here some of her own research, her colleagues’ research, and other recent and relevant studies on this critical topical. Included are chapters on:
  • an overview of the topic, providing a solid foundation for subsequent chapters
  • treatment and pretreatment technologies and methodologies
  • energy recovery from solid wastes
  • recycling and reuse
  • additional cutting-edge valorization methodologies.
Primarily aimed at researchers and advanced students in biochemical, engineering, and environmental fields, this book should also provide a valuable reference for municipal legislators and industry practitioners.

Part 1: Overview
1. Valorization of Wastes, “End of Waste,” and By-Produces using Hot and Cold Techniques
L. Barbieri, F. Andreola, R. Taurino, C. Ponzoni, T. Manfredini, C. Leonelli, and I. Lancellotti
2. Advances on Waste Valorization: New Horizons for a More Sustainable Society
Rick Arneil D. Arancon, Carol Sze Ki Lin, King Ming Chan, Tsz Him Kwan, and Rafael Luque

Part 2: Treatments and Pretreatments
3. Optimization of Anaerobic Waste Management Systems
Ettore Trulli, Vincenzo Torretta, Elena Cristina Rada, Marco Ragazzi
4. Effect of Ultrasonic Pretreatment on Biomethane Potential of Two-Phase Olive Mill Solid Waste: Kinetic Approach and Process Performance
B. Rincón, L. Bujalance, F. G. Fermoso, A. Martín, and R. Borja

Part 3: Energy Recovery
5. Solid Waste as Renewable Source of Energy: Current and Future Possibility in Algeria
Boukelia Taqiy Eddine and Mecibah Med Salah
6. Energy Recovery Routes from Municipal Solid Waste: A Case Study of Arusha-Tanzania Arthur Omari, Mahir Said, Karoli Njau, Geoffrey John, and Peter Mtui

Part 4: Recycling and Reuse
7. Recycling of Pre-Washed Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash in the Manufacturing of Low Temperature Setting Geopolymer Materials
Claudio Ferone, Francesco Colangelo, Francesco Messina, Luciano Santoro, and Raffaele Cioffi
8. A Perspective on the Prowaste Concept: Efficient Utilization of Plastic Waste through Product Design and Process Innovation
Antonio Greco, Mariaenrica Frigione, Alfonso Maffezzoli, Alessandro Marseglia, and Alessandra Passaro
9. Recycling Glass Cullet from Waste CRTs for the Production of High Strength Mortars
Stefano Maschio, Gabriele Tonello, and Erika Furlani
10. Challenges and Alternatives to Plastics Recycling in the Automotive Sector
Lindsay Miller, Katie Soulliere, Susan Sawyer-Beaulieu, Simon Tseng, and Edwin Tam

Part 5: Other Methodologies
11. Case Study of a Successful Ashfill Mining Operation
Travis P. Wagner
12. Multi-Stage Control of Waste Heat Recovery from High Temperature Slags Based on Time Temperature Transformation Curves
Yongqi Sun, Zuotai Zhang, Lili Liu, and Xidong Wang

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