Trends in Biophysics
From Cell Dynamics Toward Multicellular Growth Phenomena

Editor: Pavel Kraikivski, PhD

Trends in Biophysics

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Pub Date: January 2013.
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Pages: 294pp
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“This is a unique book that brings together the most prominent papers that use biophysical and computational approaches to answer fundamental questions in cell biology. Each paper is a milestone in the development of a novel biophysical technique or computational strategy that allows understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of major cellular activities such locomotion, division, segregation of genetic material, and cell cycle progression. This is a must have book for every cell biologist who wants to use biophysical and computational approaches in research.”
—Vladimir Rodionov, PhD, Professor, University of Connecticut Health Center, Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling and
Department of Cell Biology, Farmington, Connecticut, USA

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

This book covers a wide scope of biological approaches to such biological phenomena as cell division, motility, collective cell behavior, multicellular structures, morphogenesis, and tumor development. Over the past two decades, biologists have generated large sets of experimental data and discovered a lot of facts that need explanation. This biological boom attracts physicists who believe they can help to develop a theoretical framework in biology and explain complete biological phenomena using basic principles.

This is the first book to present recent advances in biophysical studies of the different aspects of cell life. This book presents recent advances in biophysical studies of living cells and gives the impression that a combination of quantitative live cell observations, detailed biochemical and biophysical data, and mathematical modeling are capable to answer many important biological questions and to achieve a more complete understanding of such complex phenomena.

Topics include:
• cell cycle regulation
• cytoskeleton and cell division
• cell shape
• cell motility
• cell sorting phenomena
• multicellular growth
• tumor growth

Chapter 1: Mammalian Cell Cycle Regulation
Chapter 2: Spindles and Active Vortices
Chapter 3: Actomyosin-Dependent Cortical Dynamics
Chapter 4: Filament Depolymerization During Bacterial Mitosis
Chapter 5: Actin Ring Constriction
Chapter 6: Curved Activators and Cell-Membrane Waves
Chapter 7: Actin Waves and Phagocytic Cup Structures
Chapter 8: Yeast and Scaling
Chapter 9: Cellular Shapes from Protrusive and Adhesive Forces
Chapter 10: Amoeboid Cells’ Protrusions
Chapter 11: Collective Cell Migration
Chapter 12: Differential Adhesion and Cell Sorting.

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Pavel Kraikivski, PhD
Research Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Pavel Kraikivski, PhD, is a research faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. He has acted as a reviewer for several journals and has several published articles to his name as well as several presentations at professional meetings. His current research interests include biophysics, system biology, molecular biophysics and structural biology, cell cycles, intracellular systems, and intracellular transport.

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