Polymer Science

Synthesis and Photophysics of Semiconducting Polymers
Editors: Raquel Aparcida Domingues, PhD
Daniel Henrique do Amaral Corrêa, PhD

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Synthesis and Photophysics of Semiconducting Polymers

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Semiconducting polymers are of great interest for applications in electroluminescent devices, solar cells, batteries, and diodes. This new volume, Synthesis and Photophysics of Semiconducting Polymers, covers both organic electronic: synthesis and photophysics, two important aspects in organic electronic.

The volume will clearly explain the photophysical aspects of semiconducting polymers and then go on to explore how new advances in the area of controlled synthesis of semiconducting polymers are applied.

Divided into two main sections, the volume introduces the most recent and significant advances made in semiconducting polymer synthesis and focuses on the photophysics properties of those materials. The information in the book will be valuable to materials and polymers chemists in industry and academia from postgraduate level upwards.

The volume will prove valuable for faculty and instructors, students, and scientists and researchers in chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Part I: Synthesis of Semiconducting Polymers
Chapter 1: Polyfluorene Derivatives
Chapter 2:Polythiophenes
Chapter 3: Polyanilines and Others
Part II: Photophysics of Semiconducting Polymers
Chapter 4: Principles of Photophysics
Chapter 5: Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence in Semiconducting Polymers
Chapter 6: Solvent Effect
Chapter 7: Photophysical Properties of Polyfluorenes
Chapter 8: Photophysical Properties of Polythiophenes
Chapter 9:Photophysical Properties of Polyanilines
Part III: Applications of Semiconducting Polymers


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Raquel Aparcida Domingues, PhD
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Henrique do Amaral Corrêa, PhD

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