Statistics in Fundamental Physics and Mathematics Related to Bell’s Theorem
J. F. Geurdes, PhD

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Statistics in Fundamental Physics and Mathematics Related to Bell’s Theorem

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This new book, Statistics in Fundamental Physics and Mathematics Related to Bell’s Theorem, will explain why the CHSH criterion is an incorrect test of Einstein’s locality and causality criterion for quantum mechanics and what this result implies for mathematics and the use of statistics an data analysis in physics. The book will provide a concise version of approximately 20 years of struggle in finding an alternative for the “non-locality” explanation of entanglement. The author contends that it is the measurement instrument itself that “provides/creates” the entanglement.

The result is more philosophy of physics than technology and is about the way science looks at very difficult problems. The author also explains the way in which the discussion of the CHSH criterion frequently turns away from facts and proof and becomes instead a belief, with experts claiming this or that. The book will contain some amount of criticism of science dynamics (social groups, cognitive styles and socially excluding ways in which opposing views are treated).

The book will be of interest to those who in fundamental physics and quantum as well as philosophy of science.


Section 1. Introduction to Bell’s Theorem.
1.1 Physics in the EPR Paper
1.2 Bells Theory (Local) Hidden Variables and Bohm’s Paper on Spin Entanglement
1.3 Derivation of the CHSH Inequality and Its Covert Assumptions

Section 2. Criticism on Bell’s Formulation
2.1 Reformulation Based on J.F. Geurdes, Results in Physics, 2014,4,81-82.
2.2 Derivation of and Reasons for a Procedural Test to Test the CHSH Test
2.3 Response to Criticism
2.4 Preparation for a Computer Based Single Model Local Hidden Variables Violation of the CHSH

Section 3. Physics of a Violation

Section 4. Discussion and the Reception of Criticism on CHSH

About the Authors / Editors:
J. F. Geurdes, PhD
Director, Geurdes Data Science & Consultancy, Wittelte, Netherlands

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