Social Work & Social Welfare

Social Work and Community Practice
Editor: Sharon Duca Palmer

Social Work and Community Practice

2011. Available now.
Pub Date: April 2011
Hardback Price: $139.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781926692869
Pages: 350 pp. with index
Binding Type: hardcover

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

This book explores a variety of physical, mental, and lifestyle challenges faced by community populations, including homelessness, community health promotion, nutrition intervention, smoking trends among certain populations, mental health issues among different age and gender groups, substance abuse, domestic violence, contraception, and more.

• Pathways into Homelessness: Recently Homeless Adults Problems and Service Use Before and After Becoming Homeless in Amsterdam
• Promoting Chlamydia Screening with Posters and Leaflets in General Practice—A Qualitative Study
• Evaluation of Effectiveness of Class-Based Nutrition Intervention on Changes in Soft Drink and Milk Consumption Among Young Adults
• Smoking Prevalence Trends in Indigenous Australians, 1994-2004: A Typical Rather than an Exceptional Epidemic
• Collecting Household Water Usage Data: Telephone Questionnaire or Diary?
• Development of Scales to Assess Children’s Perceptions of Friend and Parental Influences on Physical Activity
• Preliminary Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Association Between Socio-Environmental Factors and Suicide
• Cycling and Walking to Work in New Zealand, 1991-2006: Regional and Individual Differences, and Pointers to Effective Interventions
• Adolescent-Parent Interactions and Attitudes Around Screen Time and Sugary Drink Consumption: A Qualitative Study
• Women with Postpartum Depression: “My Husband” Stories
• Challenges at Work and Financial Rewards to Stimulate Longer Workforce Participation
• Worry as a Window into the Lives of People Who Use Injection Drugs: A Factor Analysis Approach
• Effect of Sunlight Exposure on Cognitive Function Among Depressed and Non-Depressed Participants: A REGARDS Cross-Sectional Study
• Safe Using Messages May Not Be Enough to Promote Behaviour Change Amongst Injecting Drug Users Who Are Ambivalent or Indifferent Towards Death
• Factors Associated with Attitudes Towards Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Comparative Analysis of 17 Sub-Saharan Countries
• Psychological Wellbeing, Physical Impairments and Rural Aging in a Developing Country Setting
• Use of Modern Contraception by the Poor Is Falling Behind
• Index

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Sharon Duca Palmer
School Social Worker, ACLD Kramer Learning Center, Bay Shore, New York; Certified Field Instructor, Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City, New York, USA

Sharon Duca Palmer, CSW, LMSW, has worked in a variety of settings in her twenty-year career as a social worker. Since 1990 she has been a school social worker at the ACLD Kramer Learning Center in Bay Shore, New York, and she is a Certified Field Instructor at the Adelphi University, School of Social Work, Garden City, New York, USA.

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