Polymer Science

Novel Applications in Polymers and Waste Management
Editors: Badal Jageshwar Prasad Dewangan, PhD
Maheshkumar Narsingrao Yenkie, PhD

Novel Applications in Polymers and Waste Management

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Pub Date: January 2018
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Pages: 418pp w/ Index
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Notes: 14 color and 86 b/w illustrations

Novel Applications in Polymers and Waste Management focuses on exciting new research in the area of polymer science. The first section of the book deals with a selection of new advancements in polymer technology, which includes polymers that are responsible for progress in the field of energy, electronics, and medical sciences. It focuses on the most promising polymer nanocomposites and nanomaterials. Composites are becoming more important because they can help to improve quality of life. The second section of the book highlights this aspect of macromolecules, while the third section emphasizes the concept of biopolymers, their development, and applications.

A major concern of the chemical industry is the proper disposal and management of chemical byproducts for the harmony and balance of the environment; the last sections of this book focus on industrial waste mitigation and extracting their potential for other processes.

Broken into several parts, the book focuses on

  • novel application of polymers
  • polymer nanocomposites and their applications
  • biopolymers and their applications
  • industrial waste mitigation
  • modification of inorganic materials
With contributions from eminent scientists in the field, this book will be valuable for scientists and researchers in this area of study and will engage them in thinking about other permutations and possibilities so as to have more experimental and technical approaches toward the problems.

Part I. Novel Applications of Polymers
1. Novel Comparative Studies: Synthesis, Characterization of Copolymers and Their Composites for the Removal of Heavy Metals
K. A. Nandekar and W. B. Gurnule

2. Electrical Transport Properties of Poly(Aniline-Co-N-Phenylaniline) Copolymers
A. D. Borkar

3. Surface Altered Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Resin for Antifungal Dentures
Abhay Narayane, Akshay Mohan, and Siddharth Meshram

4. Polybenzimidazole as Membranes in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
P. P. Kundu and S. Mondal

5. Applications of Smart Polymers in Emerging Areas
U. V. Gaikwad, A. R. Chaudhari, and S. V. Gaikwad

Part II. Polymer Nanocomposites and Their Application
6. Advancements in Polymer Nanotechnology
Satyendra Mishra and Dharmesh Hansora

7. Synthesis and Characterization of SnO2/Polyaniline and Al-Doped SnO2/Polyaniline Composite Nanofibers Based Sensors for Hydrogen Gas Sensing
Hemlata J. Sharma and Subhash B. Kondawar

8. Nanocomposites for Food Packaging Applications
Badal Dewangan and Umesh Marathe

9. Nanotechnology in Waste Water Treatment: A Review
Madhuri Bais, S. P. Singh, and R. D. Batra

10. A Review on Preparation of Conductive Paints with CNTs as Fillers
Sahithi Ravuluri, Mansi Khandelwal, Harshit Bajpai, G. S Bajad, and Vijayakumar R. P.

Part III. Biopolymers and Their Applications

11. Removing Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater Using Economically Modified Bio-Polymers and Hydrogel Adsorbents
Vedant Manojkumar Danak and Yashawant P. Bhalerao

12. Development of Biopolymers for Detergent
Dhakite Pravin, Burande Bharati, and Gogte Bhalchandra

13. The Therapeutic Role of the Components of Aloe Vera in Activating the Factors that Induce Osteoarthritic Joint Remodeling
Abhipriya Chatterjee and Patit Paban Kundu

Part IV. Industrial Waste Mitigation
14. Adsorption of Reactive Dye 21 on Fly Ash and MnO2 Coated Fly Ash Adsorbent: Batch and Continuous Studies
Deepika Brijpuriya , Manoj Jamdarkar, Pratibha Agrawal, and Tapas Nandy

15. Turning Waste into Zeolite 4A Resin and Delineation of Their Environmental Applications: A Review
S. U. Meshram, B. R. Gawhane, and P. B. Suhagpure

16. Study of Eco Friendly Additives for Wood Plastics Composies: A Step Towards a Better Environment
S. A. Puranik, Dinesh Desai, and Kintu Jain

17. Synthesis of Crude Oil by Catalytic Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics
Siddharth Avnesh Mehta

Part V. Modification of Inorganic Materials
18. Growth of KNbO3 Crystals and Their Appearance
Naresh M. Patil, Vivek B. Korde, and Sanjay H. Shamkuwar


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Badal Jageshwar Prasad Dewangan, PhD
Head and Assistant Professor, Plastics and Polymer Technology Department, Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India

Badal Jageshwar Prasad Dewangan, PhD, is presently working as Head and Assistant Professor in Plastics and Polymer Technology Department at the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. He has almost five years of teaching experience, including PhD work and while teaching he has ten years of research experience. He has participated and presented his work at several national and international conferences and has five national and international publications and one book chapter to his credit. As a convenor, he has organized a three-day national workshop and a two-day national conference funded by government agencies. He has also worked as member of the organizing committees of national conferences and workshops. He is a member of several professional organizations, such as the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), the Indian Plastics Institute (IPI), the All India Plastics Manufactures Association (AIPMA), the Colour Society, and the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE). His areas of research interest are polymer blends, polymer nanocomposites and synthesis of tailor-made functional copolymers via controlled living radical polymerization (ATRP, RAFT & NMP) and their application as polymer/coating additives mainly surfactants (emulsifier, wetting and dispersing agents), compatibilizers, and corrosion inhibitors.

Maheshkumar Narsingrao Yenkie, PhD
Professor of Chemistry, Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India

Maheshkumar Narsingrao Yenkie, PhD, is currently a Professor in Chemistry at the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. He is also the former Director-in-Charge of the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology as well as former Registrar and former Pro Vice Chancellor of R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur. He has over 35 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience and is a former German Academic Exchange Fellowship holder, having worked at the Institutfuer Thermische Verfahrenstechnik, Technical University of Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, in Germany.

He has coordinated several research and development projects as principal investigator, which includes research work related to photocatalytic degradation of dyes in wastewater, detoxification of wastewater, and fluoridation of water. He has guided 21 students for their PhD degrees and has more than 55 national and international publications to his credit. He has participated in several national and international conferences and has presented his work. He is also guest faculty at National Civil Defence College, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and at the Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages for teaching the German language to certificate and diploma students. He is a life member of six professional organizations.

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