Materials Science

Materials Science and Engineering, Volume I
Physical Process, Methods, and Models

Editor: Abbas Hamrang, PhD
Reviewers & Advisory Board Members:
A. K. Haghi, PhD, &
Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc

Materials Science and Engineering, Volume I

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Pub Date: July 12, 2014
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“This book covers a broad spectrum of topics related to Materials Science and Engineering from Nanomaterials Modeling and Characterization to Satellite Imaging for Fishing Purposes. . . . It contains some interesting experimental and modeling approaches for advanced nonclassical materials.”
—Helmuth Sarmiento-Klapper in Materials and Corrosion 2017

This volume highlights the latest developments and trends in advanced non-classical materials and structures. It presents the developments of advanced materials and respective tools to characterize and predict the material properties and behavior. This book has an important role in advancing non-classical materials in macro and nanoscale. Its aim is to provide original, theoretical, and important experimental results that use non-routine methodologies often unfamiliar to the usual readers. It also includes chapters on novel applications of more familiar experimental techniques and analyses of composite problems that indicate the need for new experimental approaches.

This book has a glossary of terms, a list of abbreviations, and recent references.

The book is for professors and instructors of specific teaching courses, students and postgraduate students focusing on adhesive interaction improvement, and, industry professionals working in materials science.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Materials Science and Engineering: Volume 2: Physiochemical Concepts, Properties, and Treatments. Both volumes can be purchased as a two-volume set. For information: go here:

Chapter 1: Advances in Electrospun Nanofibers Modeling: An Overview
S. Rafiei, S. Maghsoodlou, B. Noroozi, and A. K. Haghi

Chapter 2: Affinity Separation of Enzymes Using Immobilized Metal Ions Pgma Grafted Cellophane Membranes: -Galactosidase Enzyme Mode

l M. S. Mohy Eldin, M. A. Abu-Saied, E. A. Soliman, and E. A. Hassan

Chapter 3: Satellite Imaging for Assessing The Annual Variation of Fish Catch in East and West Coast of India

C. O. Mohan, B. Meenakumari, A. K. Mishra, D. Mitra, and T. K. Srinivasa Gopal

Chapter 4: Mechanisms of Catalysis with Binary and Triple Catalytic Systems

L. I. Matienko, V. I. Binyukov, L. A. Mosolova, E. M. Mil, and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 5: Synthesis of Synthetic Mineral-Based Alloys Liquation Phenomena of Differentiation

A. M. Ignatova and M. N. Ignatov

Chapter 6: Restructuring of Synthetic Mineral Alloys Under Impact

A. M. Ignatova and M. N. Ignatov

Chapter 7: Investigation of Efficiency of the Intumescent Fire and Heat Retardant Coatings Based on Perchlorovinyl Resin for Fiberglass Plastics

V. F. Kablov, N. A. Keibal, S. N. Bondarenko, M. S. Lobanova, and A. N. Garashchenko

Chapter 8: Mechanical Performance Evaluation of Nanocomposite Modified Asphalts

M. Arabani and V. Shakeri

Chapter 9: Microstructural Complexity of Natural and Synthetic Graphite Particles

Heinrich Badenhorst


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Abbas Hamrang, PhD
Professor and Senior Polymer Scientist, Manchester, UK; Independent Polymer Consultant

Abbas Hamrang, PhD, is a professor of polymer science and technology. He is currently a senior Polymer Consultant and Editor and member of the academic board of various international journals. His research interests include degradation studies of historical objects and archival materials, cellulose based plastics, thermogravemetric analysis, accelerated ageing process and stabilisation of polymers by chemical and non-chemical methods. His previous involvement in academic and industry sectors at international level include Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research & Development, senior Lecturer, Manufacturing Consultant, Science & Technology Advisor.

Reviewers & Advisory Board Members:
A. K. Haghi, PhD, &
Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc

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