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Advances in Hospitality and Tourism

Managing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Paradigms and Directions for the Future

Editor: Vinnie Jauhari, PhD

Managing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Pub Date: April 2014
Hardback Price: $179.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781926895727
Pages: 522pp
Binding Type: hardbound
Series: Advances in Hospitality and Tourism

“The vast range of contributions inevitably highlights many interesting case studies and best practice that can be used by tourism and hospitality students and practitioners for inspiration. . . . Its diversity and breath also constitute its main strength, and the book can be a useful addition to the libraries of tourism and hospitality educational institutions, particularly the ones of a more technical nature.”
—Tourism Analysis,
review by Fernando Correia, The University of Hull, Scarborough, UK

This new book focuses on the important concern of sustainability in tourism and hospitality industry. As the world’s natural resource base is limited, the world is looking for solutions in the domains of energy, water, alternate building materials, resource redeployment, and sustainable livelihoods as well. The tourism and hospitality industry is a large deployer of natural and created resources.

Some of the themes the book addresses include:

  • designing sustainable restaurants
  • sustainable accommodation practices
  • designing green hotels
  • energy conservation in hotels- a Green Approach
  • technology and sustainability
  • marketing sustainability to consumers
  • sustainable culinary practices
  • sustainable employee practices
  • sustainable equipment design for the hospitality industry
  • sustainable tourism practices
  • sustainable transport practices
  • sustainable tourism destinations/cities
The book takes sustainability beyond the realms of external factors that matter to an organization. The authors look at various constituents of the hospitality sector and analyze each of those from a sustainability standpoint. The book includes case studies that are global in nature and that show how sustainable applications can be used and how concerns can be addressed. Environmental challenges are also discussed.

This book is futuristic with lot of practical insights for the students, faculty,. and practitioners. Since the contributors are from across the globe, it is fascinating to see the global benchmarks.

The book
• provides a comprehensive framework for applying sustainability to different aspects of hospitality and tourism
• analyzes different components of hospitality and tourism from a sustainability perspective
• shares best practices across various components of hospitality and tourism from a sustainability perspective
• introduces a range of technologies and practices that have application toward sustainability
• provides a glossary of important terms
• provides clear frameworks and actions that can be replicated

Chapter 1: Designing Sustainable Restaurants: Technical and Human Aspects
Vinnie Jauhari and Tanaya Verma
Chapter 2: From Output to Input: The Road from Energy and Carbon Emissions to Principles of Sustainable Hotel Design
Willy Legrand, Philip Sloan, Clara Wagmann, and Larissa Rheindorf
Chapter 3: Energy Conservation in Hotels: A Green Approach
Navdeep Kaur Kular
Chapter 4: Sustainable Technology in Hospitality Industry: Some Future Directions
Parul Wasan
Chapter 5: Marketing Sustainability in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Meghna Rishi
Chapter 6: Destination Management and Sustainability
Kirti Dutta, Swati Singh, H. G. Parsa, and Vinnie Jauhari
Chapter 7: Sustainable Tourist Destinations: Creation and Development
Sandeep Munjal and Parul G. Munjal
Chapter 8: Heritage Communication and Sustainable Tourism
Gaurav Tripathi and Sandeep Munjal
Chapter 9: Sustainable Culinary Practices
Sanjay Sharma
Chapter 10: Sustainable Employee Practices
Moni Mishra
Chapter 11: Efficient Equipments: Sources for Sustainability in the Hotel Industry
Subrata Kumar Nandi
Chapter 12: Sustainable Restaurants: Current Perspectives and the Way Forward
Rumki Bandyopadhyay and Sandeep Munjal
Chapter 13: Conception of Sustainable Accommodation Practices in Hotels for Tomorrow
Anjana Singh and Bandana Rai
Chapter 14: Tourism Policy: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Turkey
Nastaran Laleh and Banafsheh M. Farahani

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Vinnie Jauhari, PhD
Director, IIMT (Institute for International Management and Technology) (Oxford Brookes University), Gurgaon, Delhi, India

Vinnie Jauhari, PhD, is a Director at IIMT (Institute for International Management and Technology) (Oxford Brookes University), Gurgaon, in the National Capital Region (NCR Delhi), India. Dr. Jauhari was earlier Region Lead for HP Labs Open Innovation Office for India. She won the Innovator Award in the worldwide team in 2009. She also won the HP Empower grant for women during her tenure at HP Labs. She has over 17 years of experience in academics and the corporate world. She has authored eight books published from New York and Springer in Germany in the domain of services, hospitality, and technology. She has authored over 100 papers published in international and national journals of repute. She is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Services Research and the Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies. She has been a guest editor of numerous international journals and has been a recipient of various awards for research contributions in international journals.

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