Chemical Engineering

Industrial Catalysis and Separations
Innovations for Process Intensification

Editors: K. V. Raghavan, PhD
B. M. Reddy, PhD

Industrial Catalysis and Separations

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Pub Date: July 2014
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Hard ISBN: 9781926895963
Pages: 514 pp. with index
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This book brings together research contributions from eminent experts on subjects that have gained prominence in environmentally clean operations, reaction engineering, and heterogeneous catalysis as the central themes. Topics include intensification for high specificity, carbon dioxide based reactions, and augmentation of catalytic reactions are covered.

The uniqueness of the topics presented in the book can be gauged from their fundamental and practical importance, particularly latest developments in catalysis, process design and characterization, application of novel green chemistry, and engineering options for process intensification. The book also identifies emerging areas where heterogeneous catalysis can make significant contribution to a new knowledge generation in specialty and fine chemical domains.

With contributions from experts from both industry and academia, this book presents the latest developments in the identified areas. In addition, a thorough and updated coverage of the traditional aspects of heterogeneous catalysis such as preparation, characterization and use in well-established technologies such as nitration, ammoxidation and hydrofluorination is included. This book incorporates appropriate case studies, explanatory notes, and schematics for more clarity and better understanding.

The book is designed as a source book for postgraduate students, as a teaching support for the faculty, as a reference book for early research career beginners, and as a reference book for the scientific community at large for understanding the significance of catalysis, reaction engineering, and green concepts for creating cleaner working environment in chemical process installations. This book will be useful for chemists, chemical engineers, technologists, environmental specialists, and students interested in catalysis research and its applications.

Part I: Scientific Approaches to Process Intensification
Chapter 1: Chemical Process Intensification: An Engineering Overview

K. Yamuna Rani and C. Sumana

Chapter 2: Microenvironment Management in Heterogeneous Catalysis

I. Sreedhar, R. K. Motkuri, and K. V. Raghavan
Part II: Intensification of Separation Processes

Chapter 3: Metal Organic Frame Works – Synthesis and Applications

R. K. Motkuri, J. Liu, C. A Fernandez, S. K. Nune, T. Praveen, and B. P. McGrail

Chapter 4: Membrane Facilitated Defluoridation of Water: Process Intensification and Scale-up

S. Sridhar, K. Praneeth, and D. Manjunath
Part III: Carbon Dioxide Facilitated Chemical Transformations

Chapter 5: Catalytic Conversion of CO2 into Fuels and Chemicals: A Green CCU Option

P. Unnikrishnan and D. Srinivas

Chapter 6: Supercritical CO2 in Organic Synthesis

S. Mayadevi
Part IV: Intensification of Organic Syntheses

Chapter 7: Ammoxidation of Hetero-Aromatic Compounds to the Corresponding Nitriles

A. Martin and N. V. Kalevaru

Chapter 8: Cracking of Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene: Process and Intensification Options

A. Sri Hari Kumar and P. S. Sai Prasad

Chapter 9: Catalytic Organic Synthesis: A New Paradigm in Industrial Process Intensification

G. V. M Sharma, P. R. Krishna, V. R. Doddi, S. Kashyap, and P. S. Reddy

Chapter 10: Microwave Assisted Synthesis: A Versatile Tool for Process Intensification

L. H. Reddy, D. Devaiah, and B. M. Reddy

Chapter 11: Catalytic Processes for Fluoro Chemicals: Sustainable Alternatives

P. Shanthan Rao, B. Narsaiah, Y. Rambabu, M. Sridhar, and K. V. Raghavan

Chapter 12: Base Catalyzed Transesterification for Biodiesel: Novel Catalyst Options

S. S. Kaki and R. B. N. Prasad


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: K. V. Raghavan, PhD
INAE Distinguished Professor, CSIR, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India

K. V. Raghavan, PhD, is the INAE Distinguished Professor at the Reaction Engineering Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India. He is also the Scientific Coordinator and Advisor of National Projects. He has participated in several government committees as both a member and chairperson. In addition to coordinating several international professional conferences, he has lectured internationally and published his research in many professional publications.

B. M. Reddy, PhD
Chief Scientist, CSIR, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India

B. M. Reddy, PhD, is Chief Scientist in the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Division at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India. He has been a visiting scientist and research scientists at many universities, including the Institute of Catalyis (Novosibirsk, Russia), the Institute of Physical Chemistry (Munich, Germany), State University of New York at Buffalo (New York, USA, Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas, USA), among others. He has participated at many professional conferences on catalysis science, has acted in various editorial roles at several professional journals, and has published many papers in professional publications.

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