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Human Resource Management in Hospitality Environment
Jerald Chesser, EdD

Human Resource Management in Hospitality Environment

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Pub Date: May 2016
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Hard ISBN: 9781771883009
E-Book ISBN: 9781771883016
Pages: 284 pages w index
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Notes: 53 b/w illustrations

“Management in the hospitality field centers on people. Professor Chesser’s presentation of the key areas in human resource management applied to the hospitality professional provides an excellent foundation for all aspiring leaders with a path to mastery of techniques to develop and coordinate others. Competencies in the areas ranging from the hiring process, performance evaluation, teamwork, training, to change, diversity and discrimination provide students with a good working knowledge of primary HR management components. The case studies in the text provide students with realistic, specific situations that facilitate learning through critical thinking, discussion, and problem-solving. In total, Dr. Chesser’s format prepares individuals for the challenging and exciting world of management in a hospitality context using effective techniques in both presentation and content.”
—Robert J. Harrington, Professor, School in Hospitality Business Management in the Carson College of Business, Washington State University

This new textbook provides a complete study of human resource management from the perspective of management and operation in a hospitality environment. The hospitality industry continues to grow every day, bringing new challenges and opportunities. This up-to-date textbook provides the information on effective human resource management that managers need to know to succeed in today’s competitive hospitality business environment.

The volume presents the complex nature of human resource management, covering the processes, procedures, and law, as well as the impact of environment and attitudes. The book covers all the major facets from the lens of the hospitality industry, including
• management issues
• legal issues
• recruiting and hiring
• compensation and benefits
• scheduling
• orientation and socialization
• discipline
• performance evaluation and more

The content is presented in segments that allow the student to concentrate on one area of knowledge at a time. The support materials provided make it possible to constantly reinforce what the student read in the chapter and measure comprehension with rapid feedback.


  • Covers all the important aspects of human resources management in hospitality
  • Presents case studies to illustrate the concepts and methods discussed
  • Includes case studies from diverse venues, covering cafeterias, restaurants, inns, hotels, amusement parks, conference centers, country clubs, and resorts
  • Includes objectives and study questions to facilitate understanding of the subject area
  • Presents contents in segments to allow students to focus on specific concepts easily
This textbook and the supporting materials have been student-tested with over 600 students, and their feedback was incorporated to enhance clarity of information, test questions, and case content. The textbook is designed for use in a lecture, hybrid, or fully online course format. It has been successfully used with an online learning platform in a hybrid course format. The supplemental material includes an online instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, study questions by chapter with answers, and tests for each chapter. The book is also applicable to management of human resources outside the hospitality industry for those with human resources responsibilities in almost any field.

Chapter 1 Management
Chapter 2 Supervision
Chapter 3 Human Resource Management and the Law
Chapter 4 Recruiting and Hiring Personnel
Chapter 5 Compensation, Benefits and Staff Scheduling
Chapter 6 Staff Training
Chapter 7 Orientation and Socialization
Chapter 8 Performance Evaluation
Chapter 9 Environment in the Workplace
Chapter 10 Motivation
Chapter 11 Building Teams
Chapter 12 Respect in the Workplace
Chapter 13 Discipline
Chapter 14 Human Resource Management in a Union Environment
APPENDIX: Case Studies

About the Authors / Editors:
Jerald Chesser, EdD
Professor, Collins College of Hospitality Management, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California

Jerald Chesser, EdD, is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and educator. He is a Professor in the Collins College of Hospitality Management at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He has taught human resource management and leadership for the hospitality industry at the university level for over twenty years. He has taught culinary arts at the high school, community college, and university levels. Dr. Chesser has served as dean at two universities. His areas of publication and research include human resource management, leadership, and culinary arts, including the books The Art and Science of Culinary Preparation and The World of Culinary Management: Leadership and Development of Human Resources, 5th Edition.

Dr. Chesser earned certification from the National Restaurant Association as a Foodservice Management Professional and the American Culinary Federation as an Executive Chef and Culinary Educator. He is a trustee of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and was co-creator of and has served since its inception as lead judge for the National ProStart Invitational competition. Dr. Chesser has received numerous honors, including induction into the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s College of Diplomates and the American Academy of Chefs. He has received the Henry Award from the American Culinary Federation and the Research Chef’s Association’s Lifetime Achievement award.

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