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Evolving Paradigms in Tourism and Hospitality in Developing Countries
A Case Study of India

Editor: Bindi Varghese, PhD

Evolving Paradigms in Tourism and Hospitality in Developing Countries

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Pub Date: April 2018
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Hard ISBN: 9781771886307
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Series: Advances in Hospitality and Tourism
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This new volume highlights a broad selection of valuable research work by renowned professionals and scientists from academia and the travel industry. It provides a wide-ranging vision of a multitude of trends in the global travel and tourism industry today and in the future.

Adopting an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, the volume looks at the evolving paradigms in the tourism and hospitality segment. This volume will prove indispensable in portraying the current global tourism and travel trends and is divided into three parts:

  • Tourism and Destination Management
  • Operational and Managerial Perspectives in the Service Sector
  • Emerging Areas in Tourism

The contributors examine a diverse selection of topics and share their conducted exploratory investigations to frame their implications and outcomes. In addition, this compilation also synthesizes the experiential aspects contributed by travel professionals and practitioners as well as academia. The volume reflects upon the wide-ranging conceptual approaches to the subject of tourism. There is a great effort taken to include varying paradigms and perspectives on the core elements of the tourism sector and to the very recent and emerging themes and issues. The chapters seek to bridge academic perspectives and research with practical applications. The overall thrust of the book is to provide a required critical depth to tourism studies and to guide the reader through the fundamental themes of tourism, destination marketing, branding, and management.

The first section provides a rich exploration of theoretical frameworks and their application to hospitality services and tourism and destination management. It covers an array of themes, including the theory of the destination management; the historical development of culture and art forms; the failure of literature adequately to test out the success with safety concerns, etc. Part Two focuses on some of the fundamental issues associated with the structuring and outlaying of operational and managerial perspectives in the service sector. Part Three addresses the emerging areas of tourism, and the chapters serve to elucidate and consolidate the range of key issues that have emerged.

The volume covers a multitude of aspects involved in the travel business and will be of interest to practitioners, scholars, academicians, and students in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Key features:
  • presents a multitude of new research studies on tourism and destination management
  • examines new operational and managerial perspectives in the service sector
  • addresses a variety of emerging areas in tourism


1. Destination Management and Competitiveness: Intervention of Destination Management Organizations for Global Competency
Bindi Varghese

2. Policing Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities of the Tourist Police System in India
Pradeep N. Chaitanya

3. Visitor Management and Community Participation in an Ecotourism Destination: The Case of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh
Anu Chandran

4. Empowerment of Marginalized Communities and Tourism: Case Study of Theyyam Dance
Jacob John and Megha Jacob

5. Influence of Perceived Risks on Destination Choice Process: An Indian Perspective
Jose K. Antony and Joby Thomas

6. Community-Based Waste Management for Sustainable Tourism in Backwater Regions
Emilda K. Joseph

7. Civil Disturbances and Tourism Sector: An Impact Study on Kerala Tourism
Sandhya Hariprasad and Bindi Varghese

8. Ecological Tourism Pointers: Analysis on Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications on the Vembanad Lake of Kerala
Suja John

9. Managing Heritage City for Tourism and the Contribution to the Regional Development: A Case of Darasuram in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu
K. Selvakumar

10. Organizational Culture and Employee Motivation Among Tourism Professionals in Karnataka
Tomy K. Kallarakkal

11. Employee Engagement in Travel Organizations: The Influence of Psychological Climate on Employee Engagement and Its Influence on Intent to Stay
Ginu George

12. Can Foreign Exchange Volatility Really Influence Tourist Inflow in India?
K. J. Anson and Avin Thaliath

13. Celebrity Endorsement Solving the Destination Marketing Puzzle
Rosma Mary Jolly

14. Talent Development in the Tourism Industry: A Deliberation on the Open Source Talent in Goa
Cheryl Poornima Smith e Venan Dias and Venan Bonaventure Dias

15. Role of Tourism Education in Meeting the Competency Expectations of the Tourism Industry
Nagarjuna G.

16. Socially Responsible Investment: A New Paradigm in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
Gowri Shankar R. and B. S. Arjun

17. Socio-Cultural Impacts of Namdapha Eco-Cultural Festival on the Local Residents of Miao
Pinky Jacob

18. The Indian Hybridity in Its Cultural Expression: Better Understanding One’s Cultural Heritage
Githa U Badikillaya

19. Challenges of Medical Tourism: Managerial Paradigm in the Indian Framework
Bindi Varghese

20. Developing a Competitive Wine Tourism Destination: Case Study of Vineyards in Maharashtra
Anupama S. Kotur (Kaddi)

21. Agri-Tourism in India and Strategies for Growth
Suraj Nair

22. Commercialization of Art Forms: A Kerala Tourism Perspective
Anu Ajayagosh

23. Hindu Pilgrimage: Issues and Challenges in Kerala
Nikhil Raj K.

24. Sustainable Tourism Indicators: A Literature Review on Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications
Shamima Akhtar

25. Social Media in Tourism: Challenges and Corrective Measures
Sneha N. and B. Georg


About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Bindi Varghese, PhD
Associate Professor, Christ University, Bengalure, Karnataka, India

Bindi Varghese, PhD, is currently an Associate Professor affiliated with Christ University, Bengalure, Karnataka, India. She has a doctorate in commerce, specializing in tourism. As an academician and tourism professional, she has over 15 years of academic and industrial experience. She has served at many educational institutions in South India and has served as a national and international expert for a decade at several educational institutions of India. Currently, she is actively associated with the Indian Tourism Congress (ITC) and the Kerala Development Society (KDS), New Delhi.

With a passion for research, she has guided MPhil and PhD scholars. The active research that have been undertaken under her direction include: Impact Assessment Studies, Medical Tourism, and Destination Management Organization and Ecological Studies. Dr. Bindi also completed a major research project on “Strategic Intervention of Destination Management Organizations to Enhance Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations: A Model for Karnataka, India,” funded by Christ University.

Along with her academic expertise, she is also an issue editor for ATNA: Journal of Tourism Studies, published by Christ University, Bengaluru. She has extensively written for national and international peer-reviewed journals and is very well recognized in the academic circle in India. She has authored a on book on medical tourism in India and has also contributed chapters to edited books and has published several articles in areas of destination management, governance, medical tourism, e-tourism, etc. Dr. Varghese is a frequent invited lecturer to students from other institutions and at various industry summits. In additional to academic writing, Dr. Bindi also writes for leading newspapers and travel magazines in tourism and hospitality.

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