Innovations in Physical Chemistry: Monograph Series

Engineering Technology and Industrial Chemistry with Applications
Editors: Reza Haghi, PhD
Francisco Torrens, PhD

Engineering Technology and Industrial Chemistry with Applications

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Pub Date: May 2018
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Series: Innovations in Physical Chemistry: Monograph Series
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This volume, Engineering Technology and Industrial Chemistry with Applications, brings together innovative research, new concepts, and novel developments in the application of new tools for chemical and materials engineers. It provides a collection of innovative chapters on new scientific and industrial research from chemists and chemical engineers at several prestigious institutions. It looks at recent significant research and reports on new methodologies and important applications in the fields of chemical engineering as well as provides coverage of chemical databases, bringing together theory and practical applications.

Highlighting theoretical foundations, real-world cases, and future directions, this authoritative reference source will be a valuable addition for researchers, practitioners, professionals, and students of chemistry material and chemical engineering.

Key features:

  • explores the future of petroleum engineering, petrochemicals, and environmental and energy sustainability
  • presents new research on the electrospinning process
  • discusses the nanofiber production capability of the electro-centrifuge technique
  • examines several issues in chemical theory and computation
  • provides new research on a variety of topics in industrial chemistry and engineering technology
  • looks at important issues in polymers technology and science
  • provides several illustrative case studies


1. Petroleum Engineering, Petrochemicals, Environmental, and Energy Sustainability: A Vision for the Future
Sukanchan Palit

2. Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit in a Petroleum Refinery: A Far-Reaching and Comprehensive Review
Sukanchan Palit

3. Modeling and Simulation of the Electrospinning Process by Solving the Governing Equations of Electrified Jet and Using Fenics
S. Rafiei

4. An Experimental Investigation on the Electrospinning Process to Produce PAN Nanofibers
Shima Maghsoodlou

5. Nano Zinc Borates as Polyvinyl Chloride Thermal Stabilizers
Sevdiye Atakul and Devrim Balköse

6. Nanofiber Production Capability of Electro-Centrifuge Technique
S. Rafiei

7. Quantum Chemical Evaluation of Carbonate Ion Effects on the Anticancer Activity of Pt(Ii) and Pd(Ii) Complexes
Ana M. Amado

8. Triple Systems, Based on Nickel Compounds, as Effective Hydrocarbons Oxidation Catalysts and Models of Ni-ARD Dioxygenase
Ludmila I. Matienko, Larisa A. Mosolova, Vladimir I. Binyukov, Elena M. Mil, and Gennady E. Zaikov

9. Antioxidative Activity of Hyaluronan: Evaluation and Mechanism
Maysa Mohamed Sabet, Tamer Mahmoud Tamer, and Ahmed Mohamed Omer

10. Preparation of Two Quercetin Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Antioxidative Activity
Katarína Valachová, Tamer Mahmoud Tamer, Miroslav Veverka, and Ladislav Šoltés

11. Peroxocomplexes of Some Transition Metal Ions with d0 Electronic Configurations: Structural and Reactivity Considerations
M. Luísa Ramos, Licínia L. G. Justino, Pedro F. Cruz, and Hugh D. Burrows

12. Physicochemical and Gelling Properties of β-Glucan from a Low Quality Oat Variety
N. Ramírez-Chávez, J. Salmeron-Zamora, E. Carvajal-Millan, and R. Pérez Leal

13. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Films Prepared Via Solution Casting Method
Sajjad Sedaghat

14. Gum Arabic: A Remarkable Biopolymer for Food and Biomedical Applications
Adriana P. Gerola, Adley F. Rubira, Edvani C. Muniz, and Artur J. M. Valente

15. Nuclear Fusion and the American Nuclear Cover-Up in Spain: Palomares Disaster (1966)
Francisco A. Torrens and Gloria Castellano

16. Hyaluronic Acid Transport Properties and Its Medical Applications in Voice Disorders
Eduarda F. G. Azevedo, Maria L. G. Azevedo, Ana C. F. Ribeiro, Aleš Mráček, Lenka Gřundělová, and Antonín Minařík


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Reza Haghi, PhD
Research Assistant, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Reza Haghi, PhD, is a research assistant at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. Dr. Haghi has published several papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and has published several papers in conference proceedings, technical reports, and lecture notes. Dr. Haghi is expert in the development and application of spectroscopy techniques for monitoring hydrate and corrosion risks and developed techniques for early detection of gas hydrate risks. He conducted integrated experimental modeling in his studies and extended his research to monitoring system to pH and risk of corrosion. During his PhD work at Heriot-Watt University, he has developed various novel flow assurance techniques based on spectroscopy as well as designed and operated test equipment. He received his MSc in Advanced Control Systems from the University of Salford, Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Francisco Torrens, PhD
Lecturer, Physical Chemistry, Universitat de València, València, Spain

Francisco Torrens, PhD, is lecturer in physical chemistry at the Universitat de València in Spain. His scientific accomplishments include the first implementation at a Spanish university of a program for the elucidation of crystallographic structures and the construction of the first computational-chemistry program adapted to a vector-facility supercomputer. He has written many articles published in professional journals and has acted as a reviewer as well. He has handled 26 research projects, has published two books and over 350 articles, and has made numerous presentations.

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