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Economic Growth and Demographic Transition in Third World Nations
A Chaos and Complexity Theory Perspective

Editors: Şefika Şule Erçetin, PhD
Nilanjan Ray, PhD
Saurabh Sen, PhD

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Economic Growth and Demographic Transition in Third World Nations

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This volume presents a new perspective on demographic transition, economic growth, and national development via exploration of the Third World economies. It provides a multidimensional approach to the close relationship between the concept of the chaos and complexity theory and provides a deliberate glance into the plight of policy formulation for demographic transition, economic growth, and development and Third World countries. The objective of Economic Growth and Demographic Transition in Third World Nations: A Chaos and Complexity Theory Perspective is to discuss the efficiency of good strategies and practices and their impact on business growth and economic growth, depending on the depth and diversity of infrastructure sector in particular and overall socioeconomic development in general.

This book is a conglomeration of various aspects and issues related to the effect of demographic transition on socio-economic development in Third World countries, especially in the post-globalized era. It focuses on the applicability of the chaos and complexity theory in order to elicit transformational policies and aims to discuss and predict future projections of the new world of the economic growth policies.

Given that the demographic variable is always sidelined in economic growth and national development works, especially in developing countries, the authors take the approach that it is imperative to address this gap in this volume. Moreover, the emergence of chaos and complexity theory is sometimes overlooked.

The volume aims to bring attention to new developments in economic growth and demographic transition in Third World nations as enshrined in chaos and complexity. It will be an essential reference source for faculty and advanced students in the fields of education, development studies, management studies, political science studies, economics, project planning and management studies, as well as for governmental and private entities involved in economic policymaking and implementation.

Part I: Demographic Transition
1. Theoretical concept of Demographic Transition
2. Antecedents and Indicators of Demographic Transition
3. Relevance of Demographic Transition
4. Challenges to Demographic Transition
5. Chaos and Complexity in Demographic Transition
6. Policy Designs for Demographic Transition
7. Multidimensional Approaches to Demographic Transition
8. Human Capital Variable
9. Relationship between Demographic Transition, Economic Growth, and National Development
Part II: Economic Growth and Development
1. Theoretical Concept of Economic Growth and Development
2. Antecedents and Indicators of Economic Growth and Development
3. Challenges to Economic Growth and Development
4. Chaos and Complexity in Economic Growth and Development
5. Stages of Economic Growth and Development
6. Economic Infrastructure
7. Relevance of Economic Growth and Development
8. Policy Designs for Economic Growth and Development
9. Multidimensional Approaches to Economic Growth and Development
10. Relationship between Economic Growth and Development with Demographic Transition
Part III: Third World Economies
1. Description of Third World Economies
2. Chaos and Complexity in Third World Economies
3. Negative Perspectives of Third World Economies
4. Positive Aspects of Third World Economies
5. Policy Issues for Third World Economies
6. Multidimensional Approaches to Third World Economies
7. Relationship Between Demographic Transition, Economic Growth and Third World Economies

About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Şefika Şule Erçetin, PhD
Professor, Educational Administration, Supervising, Planning and Economics Department,Hacettepe University, Educational Sciences Department, Beytepe, Ankara, Turkey
Şefika Şule Erçetin, PhD, is a Professor in the Educational Administration, Supervising, Planning and Economics Department at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, and was also head of the department during the years 2007-2010 years. As project coordinator, she has directed many international and national projects on organizational intelligence, municipalities, vocational education. She is the president, board member, and founding member of the International Science Association (ISCASS). Along with ISCASS, Dr. Erçetin has organized four international symposiums. She is also editor-in0chief of several national and international journals and has many published articles in both national and international journals. She has written seven national books, over 20 international book chapters, and edited seven international books.

Nilanjan Ray, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Commerce and Management, Adamas University, West Bengal, India
Nilanjan Ray, PhD, is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Commerce and Management at Adamas University, West Bengal, India. He has teaching experience in BBA, MBA, and BCom programs as well as several years of research experience. He has guided over 50 postgraduate students’ projects. Dr. Ray has published over 40 research papers in national and international refereed, peer-reviewed journals and proceedings, and he has edited research handbooks from IGI-Global USA. He has been a reviewer for the journals Tourism Management, the Journal of Service Marketing, the Journal of Business and Economics, and the Research Journal of Business and Management Accounting and has served as an editorial board member of several refereed journals. He has also chaired in a technical session at the IJAS Conference 2012, at Harvard University, Boston, USA. Dr. Ray is a life-member of the International Business Studies Academia. He has obtained his PhD, M.Com (Marketing), and, MBA (Marketing), and STC FMRM (IIT-Kgp) degrees.

Saurabh Sen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sunbeam College for Women, India
Saurabh Sen, PhD, has authored many research papers and articles published in international and national journals and also participates and presents research papers at many national and international seminars and conferences. He is a life member of the Indian Accounting Association and the founding member of its Varanasi Chamber. He qualified UGC-NET for eligibility for assistant professorship in commerce. Dr. Sen acquired master’s degree in commerce with a specialization in accounts and finance and a PhD in commerce from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India.

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