Computer Science

Data Structure and Software Engineering
Challenges and Improvements

Editor: James L. Antonakos

Data Structure and Software Engineering

2011. Available now.
Pub Date: April 2011
Hardback Price: $149.95 US
Hard ISBN: 9781926692975
Pages: 350 pp. with index
Binding Type: hardcover

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Data structure and software engineering is an integral part of computer science, which, as a whole, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems.

This new book presents new approaches and methods to knowledge sharing, brain mapping, data integration, data storage, managing an organization’s business process and domain data, new software and hardware testing methods, and a game development framework used as a learning aid in a software engineering at the university level. The book also features a review of social software engineering metrics, methods for processing business information, and using Pegasys to create and manage sequence analysis workflows in biology.

• An Architecture to Support Learning, Awareness, and Transparency in Social Software Engineering
• Comprehending Software Architecture Using a Unified Single-View Visualization
• Determination of Neural Fiber Connections Based on Data Structure Algorithm
• A Preliminary Analysis of Software Engineering Metrics-based Criteria for the Evaluation of Learning Objects Reusability
• Extending Conceptual Schemas with Business Process Information
• Software Test Automation in Practice: Empirical Observations
• A Strategy for Automatic Quality Signing and Verification Processes for Hardware and Software Testing
• A Tester-Assisted Methodology for Test Redundancy Detection
• Automatic Generation of Web Applications from Visual High-Level Functional Web Components
• Challenges and Improvements in Distributed Software Development: A Systematic Review
• Vertical Mining of Frequent Patterns from Uncertain Data
• An Open-Source Representation for 2-DE-Centric Proteomics and Support Infrastructure for Data Storage and Analysis
• Pegasys: Software for Executing and Integrating Analyses of Biological Sequences
• An Application of a Game Development Framework in Higher Education
• Index

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: James L. Antonakos
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY
Online Instructor and Faculty Advisor, Excelsior College and Sullivan University

James L. Antonakos is a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Broome Community College, where he has been teaching since 1984. Professor Antonakos teaches both in the classroom and online, in classes covering electricity and electronics, computer networking, computer security and forensics, information management, and computer graphics and simulation. He is the designer and director of the new 2-year AAS Degree in Computer Security and Forensics at Broome Community College. Professor Antonakos is also an online instructor and faculty advisor for Excelsior College and an online instructor for Sullivan University. He has extensive industrial work experience as well in electronic manufacturing for both commercial and military products and consults with many local companies in the area of computer networking and information security. He is the author or co-author of over forty works on computers, networking, electronics, and technology. He is also A+, Network+, and Security+ certified by CompTIA and ACE certified by AccessData.

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