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Crop Breeding
Bioinformatics and Preparing for Climate Change

Editor: Santosh Kumar, PhD

Crop Breeding

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Pub Date: June 2016
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This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Climate change will severely impact the world’s food supply unless steps are taken to increase crop resilience. Otherwise, the negative effects on both the yield and the quality of crop plants are predicted to be immense. Plant genomics is a potentially powerful defense against this looming threat.

This compendium volume offers a global perspective on the topic, with contributions from 42 eminent researchers from 12 nations around the world. The editor is a respected and published scientist in the bioinformatics field, who has chosen articles in the following topics:
  • An overview of the genetic challenges presented by climate change.
  • A genomic toolkit for crop-related research.
  • Specific methods of improvement for specific crop by means of genomic applications.

The hand-picked up-to-date research makes this volume an excellent reference not only for university-level academics, but also for policymakers and stakeholders who must tackle the challenge of the world’s food security.

Part 1: Crop Genomics and Climate Change
1. Genomics Strategies for Germplasm Characterization and the Development of Climate Resilient Crops
Robert J. Henry

2. Plant Responses to Elevated Temperatures: A Field Study on Phenological Sensitivity and Fitness Responses to Simulated Climate Warming
David A. Springate and Paula X. Kover

3. Biological Invasions, Climate Change, and Genomics
Steven L. Chown, Kathryn A. Hodgins, Philippa C. Griffin, John G. Oakeshott, Margaret Byrne, and Ary A. Hoffmann

4. Physiological and Genomic Basis of Mechanical-Functional Trade-Off in Plant Vasculature
Sonali Sengupta and Arun Lahiri Majumder

Part 2: Genomic Toolkit for Crop Genomics
5. Silicon Era of Carbon-Based Life: Application of Genomics and Bioinformatics in Crop Stress Research
Man-Wah Li, Xinpeng Qi, Meng Ni, and Hon-Ming Lam

7. SNP Genotyping and Population Genomics from Expressed Sequences: Current Advances and Future Possibilities
Pierre De Wit, Melissa H. Pespeni, and Stephen R. Palumbi

Part 3: Crop Improvement Using Genomics Under Changing Climate
8. Improved Evidence-Based Genome-Scale Metabolic Models for Maize Leaf, Embryo, and Endosperm
Samuel M. D. Seaver, Louis M. T. Bradbury, Océane Frelin, Raphy Zarecki, Eytan Ruppin, Andrew D. Hanson, and Christopher S. Henry

9. DT2008: A Promising New Genetic Resource for Improved Drought Tolerance in Soybean When Solely Dependent on Symbiotic N2 Fixation
Saad Sulieman, Chien Van Ha, Maryam Nasr Esfahani, Yasuko Watanabe, Rie Nishiyama, Chung Thi Bao Pham, Dong Van Nguyen, and Lam-Son Phan Tran

10. Current Knowledge in Lentil Genomics and its Application for Crop Improvement
Shiv Kumar, Karthika Rajendran, Jitendra Kumar, Aladdin Hamwieh, and Michael Baum

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Santosh Kumar, PhD
Research Scientist (Spring Wheat Breeding and Germplasm Improvement), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Brandon Research Centre, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Santosh Kumar, PhD, is currently a Research Scientist (Spring Wheat Breeding and Germplasm Improvement) at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Brandon Research Centre, in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Previously he was stationed at the Cereal Research Centre, Manitoba, Canada, working for the University of Manitoba. Dr. Kumar obtained his BSc agriculture degree in plant breeding from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India; his MSc working on wheat phytosiderophores from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India; and his PhD working on control of flowering and germination in barley from the University of Manitoba, Canada. Dr. Kumar has studied various disciplines in plant sciences and received many awards throughout his academic career. His current interests include wheat breeding, germplasm improvement, genomics, and bioinformatics. Dr. Kumar is member of various plant science societies in Canada and the US. Dr. Kumar has publications that include research articles, a review paper, and a book chapter in areas of plant physiology, genetics, and bioinformatics.

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