Comparative Immunoglobulin Genetics
Editors: Azad K. Kaushik, DVM, DSc
Yfke Pasman, MSc

Comparative Immunoglobulin Genetics

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Pub Date: May 2014
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Hard ISBN: 9781771880145
Pages: 264pp
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The new book is of a contemporary nature that covers significant new knowledge that has emerged during the last two decades and, thus, provides novel antibody phylogenetic perspectives relevant to development of new antibody based therapeutics and vaccines. It fills in the much-needed niche in the area of immunoglobulin genetics across species from a comparative perspective. New insights and perspectives from immunoglobulin genetics from species such as sea lamprey, cattle, marsupial, bat, rat, rabbit, swine etc.—other species other than the traditional subjects of mice and humans, are relevant to antibody design and engineering. These new perspectives find direct application in the cutting-edge areas of antibody design, engineering and therapeutics, antibody-drug conjugates and novel antibody-based vaccines. This book fills the need to provide updated knowledge of this newly exploded area that is finding applications in new drug development. No other competing books on the topic are available in the market.

This important book
• examines unique structural and functional aspects of antibody genes across species
• describes the role of convergent evolution in jawless vertebrates
• describes genetic elements that determine antibody diversity and vary across species
• reviews mechanisms of antibody diversification across species
• describes challenges associated with limited germline immunoglobulin gene diversity
• presents mmunogenetic-based research directions toward developing antibody-based drugs for diseases like cancer, autoimmune and viral diseases where conventional therapies fail

The book will be of great interest to immunologists, immunology researchers, immunogeneticists, researchers in pharmaceutical & medical science, those involved in the infectious disease and antibody therapeutics areas, and many others.

Chapter 1: Variable Lymphocyte Receptor-Based Adaptive Immunity in the Agnathan Sea Lamprey
Marion J. Parsons, Justin T. H. Chan, Heng Sun, and Götz R. A. Ehrhardt
Chapter 2: Immunoglobulin Genes in Tetrapods
Yi Sun and Yaofeng Zhao
Chapter 3: The Immunoglobulin Genes of Bats
J. E. Butler, Nancy Wertz, and Michelle L. Baker
Chapter 4: Marsupial and Monotreme Immunoglobulin Genetics
Robert D. Miller and Victoria L. Hansen
Chapter 5: Organization of the Immunoglobulin Heavy- and Light-Chain Loci in the Rat
Peter M. Dammers, Jacobus Hendricks, Peter Terpstra, Nicolaas A. Bos, and Frans G. M. Kroese
Chapter 6: Generation of the Antibody Repertoire in Rabbits: Role of Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues
Kari M. Severson and Katherine L. Knight
Chapter 7: The Immunoglobulin Genes of Domestic Swine
J. E. Butler and Nancy Wertz
Chapter 8: Bovine Immunoglobulin Genetics: A Phylogenetic Perspective
Yfke Pasman and Azad K. Kaushik
Chapter 9: Informatic Tools for Immunoglobulin Gene Sequence Analysis
Lena Hazanov, Miri Michaeli, Gitit Lavy-Shahaf, and Ramit Mehr


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Azad K. Kaushik, DVM, DSc
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Azad K. Kaushik, DSc, is Associate Professor of Immunology at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He has published over eighty articles and book chapters as well as co-edited a book on titled Molecular Immunobiology of Self-Reactivity, a major advance in understanding of the systemic autoimmune diseases in the context of immune function. He is on the editorial boards of several immunology journals and is a consultant to various international organizations, including the US Veterinary Immune Reagent Network and Comparative Immunoglobulin Workshop in USA and IMGT (International ImMunoGeneTics Information System), France. He was recognized as The Esther Z. Greenberg Honors Chair in Biomedical Research, and Visiting Professor, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, USA, in 1998. He received BVSc&AH (Honors) in 1976 and MVSc (1978) from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Hisar, Haryana, India, followed by Docteur es Science in Immunology (1987) from Pasteur Institute (University of Paris VII), Paris, France.

Yfke Pasman, MSc
University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Yfke Pasman received a BA in veterinary management (1988) and a MSc in Pharmacology (1994) in the Netherlands and worked for several years as a pharmacist. She received MSc in Immunology in 2010 which involved engineering of therapeutic antibodies. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Azad Kaushik, working on a project involving bovine antibody genetics and its application in therapeutics and immunodiagnosis. She is a member of American Association of Immunologists and Canadian Society of Immunology.

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