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Announcing a New Series: 21st Century Business Management

Apple Academic Press, Inc., is pleased to announce a new book series, 21st Century Business Management.

This new book series focuses on the emerging trends and revolution in technology and knowledge in business management. The series is designed to present rich insights and analyses from a diverse range of research and explore new concepts, theories, and implications in the area of contemporary business management.

In the recent years, business management has emerged in a big way and is evolving in new dimensions. With the advancement of technology, globalization, and liberalization, new markets have grown, and businesses have crossed borders and are poised to offer new challenges and opportunities for leaders and organizations. Culture, demography, and new factors, such as increasing sedentary lifestyles, are impacting the development and management of business for entrepreneurs. These impacts can be seen by business organizations becoming more service oriented in reaction to consumers demand for 24/7 service.

With the external and internal business environments changing at such a fast pace, management of business has become an art and science for managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. More entrepreneurs are launching startups, and employees are opting for protean careers. Employees’ loyalty is becoming lost somewhere in this more flexible environment, while organizations and leaders focus on striving for excellence in products and services. The emphasis on service orientation and technology (especially in suburban and rural areas) has brought about a revolution, not only in developed economies but also in developing countries, by bringing digital and social media to business, which, in turn, has resulted in changing aspirations, lifestyle, and consumer buying behavior.

This new book series will explore these new trends and concepts. Topics will cover
• social media
• workplace diversity
• role of spirituality
• work-life balance
• environmental protection and sustainability
• stress management
• positive organizations
• wholesome personal development
• service orientation
• life-long learning
• total quality management
• authentic leadership
• and other emerging trends and practices


Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Employers and Employees in Service Organizations
Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD

Creating Learning Organizations with Best HR Practices for Future/ Future Organizations and HR Practices Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD

Other topics/volumes are planned on these topics:

1. Globalization and Emerging Leadership
2. Positive Psychology and Today’s Organizations
3. Changing Consumer Behavior and Organizations
4. Impact of Technological Advancement on Organizations
5. Emerging Employer and Employee Relations
6. Designing Future Organizations and Emerging Sectors
7. Aging in South Asia and Impact on Emerging Businesses
8. Issues in Intercultural Management
9. Role of Spirituality in Management
10. Increasing Workforce Diversity in Organizations
11. Creating Innovation in Organizations
12. Purchasing Power and Happiness in Customers


The series editor welcomes the book proposals on relevant topics as well as the contribution of individual chapters/articles. Contact the book series information for additional information. The book proposal questionnaire can be found here: http://www.appleacademicpress.com/publishwithus

Series Editor

Arvind K. Birdie, PhD Program Director PGDM, and Associate Professor, Vedataya Institute, Gurgaon, India
Email: arvindgagan@gmail.com

Employees and Employers in Service Organizations
Employees and Employers in Service Organizations
Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD
The Future of Organizations
The Future of Organizations
Editor: Arvind K. Birdie, PhD

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