Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow
Kaveh Hariri Asli, PhD
Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, DSc

Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow

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Pub Date: May 2014
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Hard ISBN: 9781926895826
Pages: 350pp
Binding Type: hardbound

Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow covers modern subjects of mechanical engineering such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and flow control in complex systems as well as new aspects related to mechanical engineering education. The chapters will help to enhance the understanding of both the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and their application to the solution of problems in modern industry.

The book includes the most popular applications-oriented approach to engineering fluid mechanics and heat transfer. It offers a clear and practical presentation of all basic principles of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, tying theory directly to real devices and systems used in mechanical and chemical engineering. It presents new procedures for problem-solving and design, including measurement devices and computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

This book is suitable for students, both in final undergraduate mechanical engineering courses and at the graduate level. Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow also serves as a useful reference for academics, hydraulic engineers, and professionals in related with mechanical engineering who want
to review basic principles and their applications in hydraulic engineering systems.

This fundamental treatment of engineering hydraulics balances theory with practical design solutions to common engineering problems. The authors examine the most common topics in hydraulics, including hydrostatics, pipe flow, pipelines, pipe networks, pumps, hydraulic structures, water measurement
devices, and hydraulic similitude and model studies.

A glossary of terms, case studies, list of abbreviations, and recent references are included.

Chapter 1: Modeling for Heat Flow Process
Chapter 2: Fluid and Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 3: Two Phases Flow and Vapor Bubble
Chapter 4: Dynamic Modeling for Heat and Mass Transfer
Chapter 5: Vapor Pressure and Saturation Temperature
Chapter 6: Finite Difference and Method of Characteristics for Transitional Flow
Chapter 7: Lagrangian and Eulerian Transitional Flow
Chapter 8: Dynamic Modeling for Water Flow
Chapter 9: Modeling for Flow Process
Chapter 10: Dynamic Modeling for Mass and Momentum Transport

About the Authors / Editors:
Kaveh Hariri Asli, PhD
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan ÒAMEAÓ, Baku, Azerbaijan

Kaveh Hariri Asli, PhD, is a professional mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in practicing mechanical engineering design and teaching. He is author of over 50 articles and reports in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulics, automation and control systems. Dr. Hariri has consulted for a number of major corporations.

Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, DSc
Deputy Director, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan (AMEA), Baku, Azerbaijan

Soltan Ali Ogli Aliyev, DSc, is Deputy Director of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at the National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan (AMEA) in Baku, Azerbaijan. He served as a professor at several universities. He is the author and editor of several book as well as of a number of papers published in various journals and conference proceedings.

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