Polymer Science

Analytical Tools and Industrial Applications for Chemical Processes and Polymeric Materials
Editors: Slavcho Kirillov Rakovsky
Ryszard Kozlowski
Nekane Guarrotxena
Reviewers and Advisory Board Members, G. E. Zaikov, DSc, and A. K. Haghi, PhD

Analytical Tools and Industrial Applications for Chemical Processes and Polymeric Materials

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Pub Date: December 12, 2013
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Hard ISBN: 9781926895666
Pages: 384pp
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This book presents a comprehensive description of the applications and tools for chemical polymeric materials. It also provides the first unified treatment for the broad subject of materials and presents some fascinating phenomena associated with the remarkable performance of polymers and chemical materials. It includes the background information necessary for assimilating the current academic literature on complex materials and their applications. The collection of topics in this book aims to reflect the diversity of recent advances in modern polymers and chemical materials with a broad perspective which will be useful for scientists as well as for graduate students and engineers.

This book:

  • is a collection of chapters that highlights some important areas of current interest in chemical processes and polymer products
  • presents computer prognosis, including quantum chemical calculations 
  • describes applications of nanocomposites in industry and related sciences
  • gives an up-to-date and thorough exposition of the present state of the art of polymer analysis
  • provides a balance between chemical processes and polymers basic and applied research, and high technology and high volume (low cost) composite development
  • emphasizes precise mathematical development and actual experimental details
  • explains modification methods for changing of different materials properties

Chapter 1: Methodologies on Quantum-Chemical Calculation
V. A. Babkin and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 2: Reactivity of tert.butyl ester 3-(3 Õ, 5 '-di-tert.butyl-4 '-hydroxyphenyl)-Propionic Acid in the Reactions of Xxidation

A. A. Volodkin, G. E. Zaikov, N. M. Evteeva, S. M. Lomakin, and N. N. Madyuskin

Chapter 3: Assessment of the Potential of Enhanced Oil Recovery from Reservoirs with High Water Content Using the Heat of Nitrate Oxidation Reactions and In Situ Hydrocarbon Oxidation

E. N. Aleksandrov, P. E. Aleksandrov, N. M. Kuznetsov, A. L. Petrov, and V. Yu. Lidzhi-Goryaev

Chapter 4: Antioxidative Efficiency Terpenphenol at Thermo-Oxidative Degradation Polyvinyl Chloride

R. M. Akhmetkhanov, S. V. Kolesov, I. T. Gabitov, I. Yu. hukicheva, A. V. Kuchin, and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 5: Photoinitiated Copolymerization of Bifunctional (Meth)Acrylates. Kinetics and Mechanism

G. I. KhovanetsÕ, Yu. G. Medvedevskikh, I. Yu. Yevchuk, and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 6: Nanofibrous on the Base of Polyhydroxybutyrate

A. A. Olkhov, O. V. Staroverova, Yu. N. Filatov, G. M. Kuzmicheva, A. L. Iordansky, G. E. Zaikov, O. V. Stoyanov, and L. A. Zenitova

Chapter 7: Degradation of Some Films Under UV-Radiation

A. A. Olkhov, A. L. Iordansky, G. E. Zaikov, O. V. Stoyanov, L. A. Zenitova, and S. Yu. Sofina

Chapter 8: Polyolefin Chlorine-Containing Rubbers: Properties and Applications

Yu. O. Andriasyan, I. A. Mikhaylov, A. L. Belousova, G. E. Zaikov, A. E. Kornev, and A. A. Popov

Chapter 9: Adhesion Characteristics of Ethylene Copolymers

N. E. Temnikova, S. N. Rusanova, S. Yu. Sofina, O. V. Stoyanov, R. M. Garipov, A. E. Chalykh, V. K. Gerasimov, and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 10: Oxidation of Fibrinogen by Ozone: Effect of Dihydroquercetin and Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex with the New Dihydroquercetin Derivative

V. S. Rogovsky, T. M. Arzamasova, M. A. Rosenfeld, M. L. Konstantinova, V. B. Leonova, S. D. Razumovsky, G. E. Zaikov, A. I. Matyoushin, N. L. Shimanovsky, A. M. Koroteev, S. E. Mosyurov, M. P. Koroteev, T. S. Kuhareva, and E. . Nifantiev

Chapter 11: Industrial Drying and Evaporation Systems

A. K. Haghi and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 12: Nanopatterned Implants Loaded with Drugs

A. L. Iordanskii, S. Z. Rogovina, I. Afanasov, and A. A. Berlin


About the Authors / Editors:
Editors: Slavcho Kirillov Rakovsky
Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Ryszard Kozlowski
Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes, Branch House for Elastomers and Rubber Processing, Piastow, Poland

Nekane Guarrotxena
Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain

Reviewers and Advisory Board Members, G. E. Zaikov, DSc, and A. K. Haghi, PhD

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