Advanced Biofuels
Using Catalytic Routes for the Conversion of Biomass Platform Molecules

Editor: Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz, PhD

Advanced Biofuels

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Pub Date: June 2015
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Sustainability demands that we meet the needs of our present world without compromising the needs of future generations. As a result, sources and methodologies for renewable energy are being urgently investigated. Biomassoffers one of the most readily implemented, low-cost alternatives to fossil fuels. First-generation biofuels proved to have limited sustainability, but today’s advanced biofuels are developing more efficient processes. This book contains the latest research on catalytic processing, a promising technology for making biofuel production truly sustainable. Included here are:

  • Several overview chapters, describing analytic methods for assessing catalytic sustainability.
  • Chapters that investigate several reaction routes for sustainable catalytic conversion.
  • A final chapter on methodologies for optimizing catalytic reactions.
Written for readers with university-level understanding of chemistry, biology, and engineering, this compendium volume offers evidence that catalytic processing is a flexible and sustainable methodology for the conversion ofbiomass platforms. The editor, one of the leading figures in this area of study, has collected research that covers key issues of interest to fuel and energy technologists and engineers. The comprehensive coverage of current research will also offer scientists a solid foundation for future research in this critical field of investigation.

Part I: Overview
1. Catalysing Sustainable Fuel and Chemical Synthesis
Adam F. Lee
2. Catalytic Hydroprocessing of Liquid Biomass for Biofuels Production
Stella Bezergianni
3. Analytical Approaches in the Catalytic Transformation of Biomass: What Needs to be Analyzed and Why?
Dmitry Murzin and Bjarne Holmbom

Part II: Reaction Routes
4. Catalytic Routes for the Conversion of Biomass into Liquid Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels
Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz and James A. Dumesic
5. Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil by Reacting with Olefins and Alcohols over Solid Acids: Reaction Paths via Model Compound Studies
Zhijun Zhang, Charles U. Pittman, Jr., Shujuan Sui, Jianping Sun, and Qingwen Wang
6. Emission Abatement at Small-Scale Biomass Combustion Unit with High-Temperature Catalysts
R. Bindig, S. Butt, and I. Hartmann
7. Catalytic Constructive Deoxygenation of Lignin-Derived Phenols: New C–C Bond Formation Processes from Imidazole-Sulfonates and Ether Cleavage Reactions
Stuart M. Leckie, Gavin J. Harkness, and Matthew L. Clarke
8. Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of 5-Chloromethylfurfural (CMF) from Carbohydrates in Mild Biphasic Systems
Wenhua Gao, Yiqun Li, Zhouyang Xiang, Kefu Chen, Rendang Yang, and Dimitris S. Argyropoulos
9. Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica Functionalized with Sulfonic Acid Groups as Acid Catalyst for Glycerol Acetylation
Els De Canck, Inmaculada Dosuna-Rodríguez, Eric M. Gaigneaux, and Pascal Van Der Voort

Part III: Optimizing Catalytic Performance
10. Alkaline and Alkaline-Earth Ceramic Oxides for CO2 Capture, Separation and Subsequent Catalytic Chemical Conversion
Margarita J. Ramírez-Moreno, Issis C. Romero-Ibarra, José Ortiz-Landeros, and Heriberto Pfeiffer

About the Authors / Editors:
Editor: Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, Abengoa Research, Seville, Spain

Dr. Juan Carlos Serrano Ruiz is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Abengoa Research in Seville, Spain. He is licensed in Chemical Sciences by the University of Granada, Spain and received his PhD in Chemistry and Material Science from the University of Alicante, Spain. He has visited many laboratories all around the world in his research on biofuel. He was a Fulbright Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, where he studied catalytic conversion of biomass. Upon his return to Spain, he accepted work at the Department of Organic Chemistry at the University of Cordoba, where he has continued his work with biofuels. He is the author of more than fifty scientific publications in international journals, including an article in Science Magazine on using sugar as a biofuel. He is also the coinventor of a patent taken out by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for the conversion of cellulose into diesel and gasoline.

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